Explosions Close to Home…

**Click here for my reflection a day after**

Twenty-seven minutes ago two explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The newswire and twitter are ablaze with reports of injuries, confusion and bloody pictures and the speculation as to who “did” this has already begun. Sitting here safe in the library I feel shaken. This has been my adoptive home for the past months. I know it probably wouldn’t have matter what major marathon was hit. Any major city in the United State would probably have produced the same response. For me the only response is prayer and reflection. I pray for those responding to the emergency calls, and those who have been cut open. I pray for fear to not give way to hate. I pray for communities to respond to support all who feel unsafe as they venture from their homes. Death is always around the corner, but maybe with company that thought wont freeze our ability to live.

I am sure that the  speculation as to the cause will probably run the same misguided,  nearsighted and probably racist ways it always does. Some pundit will be interviewed and with obvious hand gestures will explain how this is the work of Islamic extremist, or domestic terrorists, or even socialists. I am sure the Westboro baptist church will issue a commendation to these people for inflicting punishment of America of its sins. 

I also know the speculation and the information that will unfold will never find any blame within us. Never look to the children round the world from Pakistan to Palestine who live in fear of death coming from above in drone attacks. Never look inside those drone to see where their parts are made. Never look into the operators heart to see the stitching of nationalism that has been enforced upon it so that each trigger pulled means a victory not terror.

And no I am not joining the speculation. Blaming American Empire for the attack without any information. All I want to say is we cause this violence everyday across our own country and around the world.  Do we not think they love their children too?

Many may question the timing of this post.  With terror and uncertainty still in the air, with many people still struggling to connect and hear from those they loved it seems insensitive. I have those same questions. It may be truly insensitive and wrong. I post simply because it is what my heart ached to say. Not because I wanted to minimize the death, the loss, the destruction of our feeling of safety. But because my heart ached for it to be extend to all those who suffer. Who are not close to home and who do not wear the same colours as we do.  But still beat with the same heart.

No one deserves to be murdered. Systems of evil produce reactions, as do systems of liberation. There will always be those who try to tear down right relationships. But in these moment of sadness. Know that our sadness is not alone. We need to ask ourselves: Can we take heart in knowing we cause the same sadness all around the world? 


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3 responses to “Explosions Close to Home…

  1. Bart

    I don’t question your timing, I question your compassion. Instead of being a ministerial presence in the aftermath of a tragedy, you are playing activist.
    It’s disrespectful to the memories of the children that were maimed and died yesterday.
    I honor that these are your words, and your opinion, but as a fellow UU, I was sickened at how quick you had this out and how you politicized it right away.

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